Window tint There are many reasons to get the sun film / windowtint for your car.
If it is to keep the car cool during the summer or to reduce insight then you can feel safe with our 20 years of experience.


The windowtint film also carries a UV filter with 99% efficency against sun rays which ensures that your interior stays unfaded.

The tint we apply is also refered to a step-by-step basis where step 1 is our darkest and step 5 is our brightest.

Tint grades Paintprotection

With the virtually invisible film, your car looks new longer without changing the design or colour. We recommend apply protection on the hood, front bumber, rearviewmirrors, and load guard on the rear bumper but it all depends on the car’s design, it may also be usefull to protect sideskirts, front window and sometimes sidedoors.

It can be extremely frustrating when you get paint chips or small scratches on your car. Our Paint protection film is self healing, self cleaning and has a long durability

Wrapping We can completely change the colour of your car for a fresh new look.
Only the best materials gets used for wrapping. We provide all sorts of colours
and structures, Gloss // Metallic // Matte // Satin // Chrome // Brushed // Carbon fiber.

Looks like paint, shines like paint but unlike paint it can be removed when you want to return to your cars original color well preserved.


We can do all sorts of decor, Everything from a small logo to advanced images. We have the tech and the ”know-how” to make your car personal or become a rolling advert. we know it works and definitely it’s cost effective marketing. Do you have an idea or do not know how? we will help you from start to finnish. Together with our talented designers, we decorate your car with the best result in mind.

Chromedelete The black look is nothing new, Black has always been a staple colour for that
classic look and can make any car look more sporty if done correctly, The extensive
popularity of wrapping has made this a daily routine for us. any wrap can be taken off whenever you want.